Christmas Charity Quiz 2021

I figured it would be a nice end to the year by hosting a little charity quiz to raise some funds for my Sahara Trek.

Don’t worry – it’s neither a zoom call nor a physical get together!

It is simply completing your answers online – get your team involved or share the link and do it individually – prizes for the person or team with the highest score.

The only rule – NO GOOGLING – that’s cheating and it dishonours you, your family, your firm and the charities. NO CHEATING.

So here’s the run down:

  1. It’s £5 per person to enter, or for a corporate entry it is £20
  2. Payment to be made
    • by bank transfer to my charity account (no fees) – to do this or email me or WhatsApp 01163667900
    • via the GoFundMe (which takes out fees meaning the charities get less)
    • via my website by buying the £5 link download (card or Apple Pay accepted, fees deducted from £5)
  3. The winner gets 25% of the total prize fund.
  4. You just answer the questions online here.
  5. Deadline for entries is the day after Boxing Day whatever that is in the weird in between bit.

Have fun!